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AscendEX lists the leveraged tokens on May 17 and will launch leveraged token trading services at 12:00 a.m. UTC, May 19. Please stay tuned for the updates.

To access this service and begin trading leveraged tokens, users can navigate:

PC client: homepage – TRADE – Leveraged Token
App client (for Android only): Leveraed Token on the homepage

In the crypto landscape, leveraged tokens are an emerging financial product. Newly offered on AscendEX, these tokens are a type of derivative instrument that gives investors increased exposure to the underlying asset or index. 

The first batch of leveraged tokens being listed on AscendEX include 6 leveraged tokens and 20 trading pairs. Here is a breakdown of the tokens:

Leveraged Token

3x Leverage


5x Leverage Long3x Leverage Short5x Leverage Short

Please note:

L, short for long, refers to “going long” . S, short for short, refers to “going short”. The numbers 3 and 5 refer to the leverage multiple for a particular token.   

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Advantages of Leveraged Tokens on AscendEX

1. Easy-to-operate, No Collateral Required, No Liquidation

Similar to crypto spot trading, there is no liquidation in leveraged token trading. AscendEX offers users an easy-to-use trading experience with Leveraged Tokens without requiring collateral in the Leveraged Token section of the platform.

2. Rebalancing to Control Trading Risks

Through dynamic rebalancing, a leveraged Token purchases or sells more of the asset based on the asset’s daily performance to maintain its target leverage and to avoid the risk of liquidation.  

3. Automatic Compound Mode and Reducing Positions

In the case of an upswing in price of the underlying asset , the automatic compound mode supports the purchase of more leveraged tokens using the returns from trading to yield greater returns than margin trading. Stop-loss order will be triggered in batches to automatically reduce the trading size, avoiding liquidation in case of a downswing.

Please note:  Leveraged token trading service is not available in AscendEX's App of the 2.7.7 version and below for iOS. Please click on Trade-Leveraged Tokens on the PC terminal if you want to trade leveraged tokens. The service will be supported on the App's next iOS version, please stay tuned to download the latest version.
2.  The value of leveraged token assets you hold is not calculated into Total Assets Value under Wallet and Cash Wallet in the App's 2.7.7 version and below for iOS. Please view your leveraged token assets and total asset value on your PC. 

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Risk Disclosure: Leveraged tokens are a type of financial product with high risks, which could bring about great returns or losses in a single day. Please make sure that you fully understand the product and associated risks before making an investment. This announcement is for informational and educational purposes only. Readers are advised to conduct their own investment risk assessment before making any purchase decision.

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